Sunday, July 5, 2009

Welcome, welcome Sabbath Morning

The title of this post comes from an old hymn we used to sing,,, "Welcome, welcomme Sabbath morning, now we rest from every care, welcome, welcome, is thy dawning, Holy Sabbath Day of Prayer." (sorry that is the limit of my memory of the words). I love the Sabbath Day. Today, our church rejoices together in a day of fast where we don't eat for 2 meals and spend more intensive time in prayer and thanksgiving. It is a humbling experience as we fast and grow closer to God. The equivilent cost of the meal is donated to the church to assist the poor. We all win as we gain humility and the poor are provided with funds to put food on their tables. Isn't that a great plan? Though some may not be able to fast because of medical conditions, we still have a time of prayer and offer a contribution for the poor. I'm sure most churches have a way to distribute to the poor, but this costs nothing to the giver since we are not eating that food anyway. Contributions to a food pantry would be appropriate, if you choose to participate. What a perfect plan!

Yesterday was a good day with our kids. I worked most the morning at the office (just like good old Saturdays or holidays) and accomplished much without the phone or visitors. Alan and I picked up a rental truck and went to the the movie, Star Trek, in the afternoon, but I couldn't completely follow the story because of some power naps during the show. I hope I didn'tembarrass my son-in-law. It did have some ties to my old TV days with Kirk and Spock and some great special effects. The girls chose another show and went to a fabric store. The evening was spent packing a truck with the "stuff" from a spare bedroom and attic memories of Hannah's stuff. We enjoy an occasional trip down memory lane.

We look forward to another beautiful Sabbath day to worship together and have another family meal. This weekend is going much too quickly.


  1. Good to hear all of you are having a joyous and blessed holiday weekend. Enjoy your day! Brenda I.

  2. I just remember that Sister Steele used to lead us in that song all the time at Sunday School