Friday, July 24, 2009

4 weeks to breath...

We saw the medical oncologist this morning. He will see Mike in 4 weeks to begin the next round of chemo. He was very positive about how Mike will handle the chemo. He said it most often depends on how the patient handled the chemo during the course of radiation. Mike handled the chemo and radiation very well, so we are looking forward to the side effects being minimal. It looks like the start date will be around the first of September.

The infection continues to improve. The swelling is nearly gone... We still aren't 100% sure about the necessity for surgery, but we are feeling good about it.

Yesterday I wrote a list of some of the things we have learned fromt this experience... I will add one more - BREATH! We plan on taking some good deep breaths these next four weeks. It will be strange to not have appointments nearly every day.

God has been good to us.


  1. It will be strange,but wonderful! I am SO happy about the positive feed back that you are getting from the Doc. Mike is amazing how he is handling the treatments. Enjoy your month off!

  2. I have some pranayama (breathing techniques) to share with you when we visit. Probably not much or no yoga for now. And some super music to go with it. I can hardly wait to share!
    See you in a few weeks.


    Hi Mol.

  3. I have to use yoga to balance my life- It's my breathing time, all I think about is breathing for an hour (sometimes I nap through savasena (sp?)). I come out feeling so much better! It seems like breathing should be something that comes naturally - doesn't it?