Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Mike got up, went to work, came home to eat lunch, took an hour nap and went back to the office. I thought quitting time might be before 5:00, but he still isn't home... I have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned today. I now have a huge phobia of germs. Our house smells like bleach... yuk. Seeing those docs everyday sure made me feel secure. I feel as though we have been set free and I don't know what to do with the freedom.

Thanks today for the phone calls, cards and messages. We are so blessed with good, good friends and family. Our journey has brought us so much closer to so many of you. It's wonderful!


  1. Freedom calls and that is a wonderful part of this journey. Love you both!


  2. So glad you got to what sounds like a zone conference. Missionaries can learn so much from the two of you. I can see now why you love being with them so much. We love being with the missionaries here. Not that I would say they are ours because they really are His.