Thursday, July 16, 2009

Room 6112 is not quite like home

After my admission today following a few tests, I have settled into my new room for a few days. I have a room mate who is not going to compare to my sweetheart. He is already purring like a freight train which is none too pleasant. This too will pass. The respiratory fellow just hooked up my "sleepy", so I am ready for rest.

I have read my scripture block from the Book of Mormon (Mosiah 4-8)and gone through Champter 19 of the institute manual. It is so much better to read with Naancy than to read this alone. I look forward to this passing quickly to get back to our routine.

I appreciate your faith, prayers and concerns which have already been expressed. I assure you that we are still full of hope and faith. This bump on my head and on the road to recovery will be a short moment. We have full confidence in our medical personnel and surgeon and that this is necessary. There is yet more to learn from this experience and we are willing to submit to our Heavenly Father's plan.


  1. Hey Mike and Nancy
    Hope all goes well the next few weeks. I am going to the temple tomorrow and my thoughts and prays will be with you. I look foward to seeing you guys in a few weeks.

  2. Dear Mike and Nancy, We put your names on the prayer roll in the Argentina Temple yesterday. Spanish is the language of the heavens they say here---it is beautiful. Great that the Lord speaks Spanish too. We remember you everyday in our prayers. Con amor---Gordon and Emolyn

  3. Dear Mike and Nancy,

    I too put your names on the prayer the Provo Temple. Our prayers are with you as you face this current challenge.

  4. Dear Mike and Nancy,
    I'm sorry that you have encountered this bump in the road. Randy and I continue to pray for you. Our faith remains unchanged that Heavenly Father is aware of you and loves you. We love you, too.
    Sandra and Randy