Saturday, July 4, 2009


We just finished packing the U-haul for Hannah and Allen to drive back across the country. We have tried to give them more stuff than they want. After all, they have plenty of room in their truck :) Why is it kids don't want parent's stuff. I think the stuff is wonderful. Hannah's dolls, clothes, books, swimming memorabalia, furniture, quilts and STUFF are now out of our house. I thought once her stuff was gone, our attic would be emptyish... I guess a lot of that stuff in the attic wasn't hers! Yikes, it must be ours :(

Mike has had a good day. He has been happy to have the kids around. We are grateful to celebrate this holiday together. Other than sleepy, Mike is his old self again... It is wonderful to have him back. I need to go put him to bed. It has been a long day for him. I think I will watch the Boston Pops... Happy Independence Day friends!

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  1. I love stuff! These last few trips to my grandmother's (before she passed in Feb) have been full of stuff. It was like a quiz. I would ask her about her stuff and she would sometimes ask if I wanted some of it. I went home with a trailer once and a beautiful chest of drawers that she bought for 10 bucks at an auction. I think you can tell a lot about people by their stuff. I love it! I don't know why kids don't want their parents stuff. Maybe not enough time has passed to bring it back in style yet? Mom's stuff is out of style, but grandma's stuff might be coming back in?