Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Measuring the bump

I suggested yesterday to the doc that we measure the bump on Mike's head. I am hoping today when I measure it, it will be smaller and likewise when the doc measures again on Thursday we hope for smaller. Isn't it amazing that we often need just a few milimeters one way or the other to make a huge difference in our lives?

We can't, however, measure the ourpouring of love and kindness that has been shown to us. We can't measure the amount of love we have for our family and friends. We are so grateful for such an amazing support group. We feel your strength. If we could measure... our yard stick would reach far beyond the eternities.


  1. Nancy,
    It is the small things that sometimes get us through the Big! Hoping for everyone's sake that the lump is inches smaller, not just milimeters. Keeping you in thoughts and prayers...don't forget to take Nancy time :)
    hugs and love to all!

  2. What a great message today, Nanc!! You just can't measure love, can you? Hoping for a GREAT day for both of you!!