Monday, July 27, 2009

Driving along in his automobile....

We spent a wonderful morning in a meeting with many of the missionaries who are serving in the Indiana, Indianapolis mission. We love their enthusiasm, humility, and strength. They teach us so much.

Mike drove today all the way to Fishers and back. It was obvious he was happy to be behind the wheel of his car driving on the interstate. We drove in silence for a while and when I asked him what he was thinking, he said, "I'm just thinking how great it feels to really drive!" It felt good riding with him as well.

I had one of those flash backs to the beginning of May. Who would have ever thought Mike would be doing so well 2 1/2 months later?. I asked Mike that question and he replied that HE THOUGHT he would be doing this well. I absolutely love his optimism and faith. He strengthens me every single day.

In this week when we thought we would be at the sea shore, we are grateful that we are home and close to the doctors who are still following the infection which Mike has been dealing with. Everything looks good... seems the medications are working. We know there was a reason for our staying home. Our children have been so understanding and aware of both Mike and I during this time. We love and adore them. The seashore awaits us some other time.


  1. Watch for an Elder Sutherland....there's a neat story behind him! David, Bill, or I can tell you sometime!

  2. Nancy and Mike,
    Your posts absolutely uplift us---we are so grateful for them each day. Two and a half months have moved along rather quickly and you two have handled this situation so very well. Of course we all know God has been our strength and is the ONE who performs miracles. HE must be so pleased to have one as Mike, and to our gal, Nancy---we are so proud of you as well as our special grandchildren,also a special team of doctors have been right in there all along. Love and prayers. J&B

  3. Hi Mike and Nancy,
    We were in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming last week, so I was only able to keep up with your blogs until Wednesday when we left Utah for our next locations. I was thrilled to get home and read about the improvement in the infection. I loved catching up on your blogs. The blog about lessons learned was especially meaningful to me. Both of you are not simply enduring this challenge, you're enduring magnificently.
    Just a note about Angie Sutton's wedding....The whole day was magical. It couldn't have been more perfect. Angie and her husband are gloriously happy.
    Some time I'll have to tell you about how Teresa, Mom and I rode around Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and back to Utah in the far back seat of a van. Pretty funny.
    Love, Sandra