Friday, July 3, 2009

Family Time

We had an appointment with the oncology nurse practitioner at the cancer center who also concurred with the physical assessment from the doctors the day before. She patiently answered every question. Thursday afternoon was a wonderful time at Tyler & Kim's home. All our children and grandchildren were there and Tyler had arranged for Julia Bender (remember that name, she'll be famous one day), a skilled photographer and artist to take lots of photos. On her way into to town she and her husband, Jan, found an abandoned building a couple blocks from Tyler's home with some washed out colors to make for an interesting setting.

After shots of the whole clan and smaller groups, we strolled back to Ty's house. Posing requires more effort than one would think. We sat outside while Tyler cooked some of his specially seasoned burgers on the grill. Will and Maggie played with balls and rocks and entertained us all in their back yard. Every grandparent believes this, but these are the cutest and most special grandchildren, ever. We loved every minute.

We ate lots of produce from Kim and Nancy's gardens and it was topped off by Kim's lemon, poppy seed cake (not so organic, but absolutely great eaten in moderation). It was a delightful afternoon and evening. As usual, Will did not want Nanny and Poppy to leave. I slept in the car all the way home and also fell asleep on the couch after getting home. I was surprised to have slept most the evening, then we visited with Hannah and Alan until almost 11 pm (only 9 pm Albuquerque time) and went to bed. I also slept so soundly for almost 5 straight hours again and feel refreshed this early morning. In the last 12 hours, I have probably slept almost 7 of them. This is a most appreciated blessing.

Today's pace is much less with only an eye exam scheduled and a 50th wedding anniversay reception for our service minded home teachers who have been weeding our planting beds this week. We will enjoy a restful day since it is a holiday for the office and the cancer center.

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  1. I agree - Julia will be famouse someday, I've loved photos she's done of the twins. Can't wait to see your families photos...