Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3 days and counting

Yesterday we had an appointment with Mike's primary care physician. He asked the general questions about Mike's health. After hearing how well Mike feels and how much energy and optimisim he has, he stood back, crossed his arms and said, "There are just some things that doctors can't explain. How you are handling the treatments as well as the other aspects of your life is truly AMAZING." He said he knew there was a higher power leading this process. He remembered the day 2 months ago when he told us our lives would change forever... He commented that he didn't expect them to change for the better...

Mike's radiation treatments as well as the chemo will end on Friday. He will then have about 5 weeks to recuperate before the next round of chemo starts. We are so excited that the timing of these treatments will allow us to take a family vacation. I am sure the timing is no coincidence! When we go to the shore we are always able to let the tide take all of our troubles out to sea! We are excited to have rest and relaxation from the pace of the past 2 months.

There have been so many acts of kindness shown to us this week. I have had lunch with friends. We have had many encouraging phone calls and visits. We have been listening to a CD sent to us by friends in Florida... We are learning about how breathing can heal. Yesterday a friend pulled enough weeds to fill our trash bin. This has given me the motivation I needed to get out and do some more. While reading this past week I came across the familiar verse... "...be still and know that I am God." I pray that we never become so involved with ourselves that we forget He who bestows all blessings upon us. We are so grateful for countless blessings. You are the angles sent to help us. Thank you!


  1. Nanc,
    Hope the week goes well for you, put enough love in those cinnamon rolls that they are begging you to bring them often and share your laughter and positive approach with all your new friends at the cancer center! I can smell the warmth and love baking in the rolls as I type :)
    You deserve the break away at the shore with the family, take it one day at a time and enjoy. Don't forget the suntan lotion, since there are now several in the family that can burn their heads quite easily. Looking forward to Tyler's mullet.
    There is a plan and we do not control it nor can we, relax and enjoy the journey, so far it has been better than any of us expected.
    love you,

  2. Mike and Nancy, this was truly amazing to read and strengthened our thoughts of faith. thanks for being there dear friends. We are glad and even relieved to think the first round is nearly done. May the Lord continue to bless and keep you. We KNOW who is in charge. There are NO coincidences. Our friendship for you is beyond what I could put in this blog for the world to read. Please know of our love and prayers. Karen and John

  3. WOW! I was looking at the Chipman Blog, when I wondered who Mike was which led me to your Medical Memo. What a shock to learn of your, problem, Mike. God bless you and your whole family. We have faith that you will be totally healed.