Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy July 4th Holiday

Today is our great nation's birthday and holiday celebration. We hope you'll have an enjoyable day and a safe one. Today will be rather relaxed around our home with no significant plans. We will enjoy one another and probably have a cookout.

Yesterday was also pretty relaxed, though I found time to work a bit on some projects at the office in the morning and napped on the back porch in the afternoon. Hannah and Nancy did a bit of shopping and running some errands with Andy and Alan.

I continue to heal and feel well, though may not have as much energy as when I was on higher doses of steroids. The taper has dramatically helped my night time sleeping.

We continue to be blessed by your faith and prayers. We have tremendous support from all of you and our precious family. There are many other folks out there dealing with hard times and medical needs. Please find time to pray, comfort, and help them. We sincerely appreciate your weeks of loving attention to our family.

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  1. Hola amigo,
    You look great with the enlarged solar panels. We too are thinking about Independence Day, grateful for our blessings. We are declaring our independence from fear, unkind thoughts, and laziness. It seems that taxes and other such things will continue to be with us. This is day 4 in our mission. Yesterday we made visits with the elders and the hermanitas. Sister Chipman is really in there working hard. Tears come frequently to our eyes because of the love we feel for these humble missionaries - most of whom come from Peru and are very humble. 75% are Hispanics. I have been thinking about how grateful I am for the time we spent together in the stake presidency. Thank you Mike for your great example. I think of this today as I meet 5 stake presidents and 2 district presidents. Have a great 4th of July!!!

    John and Karen