Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The news couldn't be any better...

(Mike is the author of this post)
We just returned from our second doctor's appointment today and we are thrilled that they both agree that I am recovering and tolerating the treatments much better than is expected. Even with my steroid tapered to a lower level there are no new symptoms and my sleep pattern has improved. Both have agreed that I can drive more and work as long as I feel like it, but not to overdo it (suggesting half days for now). It gives us so much confidence to have two skilled and knowledgeable professionals agree that things are going so well!

Tomorrow I am 2/3 the way through the radiation treatments and have a 3 day break because of the holiday closing on Friday. My chemo treatments are a bit further along since I take those on weekends as well.

With Hannah and Allen coming in from Albuqueque this evening we will have 4 days of fun and activities. We will have family photos taken tomorrow in Greenfield followed by a cookout at Tyler and Kim's house.

We have been so very blessed today with all the good news, but we understand the source of the healing lies not solely in the doctors, a good diet, and rest, but the root of all healing is the Lord Jesus Christ. We trust His plan for us and we know that He is watching over and caring for us daily. We thank you for your love, prayers, and support. Please join us in expressing gratitude for the positive results we are experiencing.


  1. Mike, you are truly amazing! I am SO happy for the good news that you have received today! PRAISE GOD!! I am happy to hear that you are nearing the end of your treatment, and that you continue to amaze the doctors with your recovery. Still praying and thanking our Lord Jesus Christ for how He is listening and answering the prayers of His people.

  2. Praise God! What wonderful news! Enjoy your weekend with your family....
    With love, Mike and Sue Tschuor

  3. Miracles DO happen!!! Have a fabulous time with your whole family!