Sunday, July 26, 2009

Long Sunday naps

Mike and I both napped today after church and lunch. I am always grateful when Mike can rest his body and mind. After 6 weeks of radiation, Mike is feeling fatigued and requires much more sleep than he once did. I remind him that sleep will help heal his body. I am so grateful that he is receiving the rest that he needs.

We hope that each of you is finding peace today. We love each of you. We continue to have great hope and faith. We realize thus far in our journey we have been "carried." We surely have not bourne this trial alone. We remain ever grateful and optimistic as we continue.


  1. It was wonderful to be at church today and feel well enough for all of the meetings. It was great to see some friends whom we had not seen for a while who are still strong in the faith and very supportive of our journey. No one walks these paths alone and we thank you for your support. The Lord has been very good to us.

  2. Mike & Nancy,
    Glad you have a few weeks to relax and re-enrgize yourselves before the next leg of Mike's treatments begin! Rest and renewing the body will certainly help the healing process. As always you are in my thoughts and prayers.