Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Week Ahead

It seems a bit odd to not have several doctor's appointments or treatments to face this week. We get to do some normal things like work, some project meetings, and a meeting in Indianapolis. I am still taking some antibiotics 3 times per day, but not much else.

It has been a good Sabbath day with attending our meetings and visiting with friends this evening. I can understand why the Lord sanctified this day and called it a day of rest as our spirits have been lifted and we have rested from other labors today.

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  1. i seen nancy sitting on the couch at church yesterday, she was sitting on the edge as if ready to run, or maybe tense. I was looking at my notes in the front of my old scriptures and came upon a verse i labelled HUGS, It is D & C 6:20. You may use this to your advantage as I will be glad to share this with my cousin. vicki ellis