Friday, July 10, 2009

Continued Improvement & Fun Friday

This week was another great and positive week with the doctor cutting again my steroid dose in half. This taper is slow, but is allowing me to sleep and also not be so hungry in the night. Last night I slept 6 straight hours which has not happened for several months! Part of that was probably a very full Thursday with a fun trip out of town to field measure some historic buildings in a rural town south of here and some friends visiting last evening. I missed my afternoon & evening naps, so I was ready for sleep earlier last night.

The Friday fun schedule is Rotary followed by my radiation treatment (the therapists and I tease a bit), after some planned rest in late morning I will play in vendor sponsored afternoon golf outing with a client. It is an annual outing and this is my 4th year playing. I will watch my energy level an may take a mid round break and take in plenty of water/hydration.

Every day seems to have some positive improvement in my energy level, productive work for the office, or some small project I can accomplish around home. I am so grateful for the continued healing power of the Savior and the sustaining influence of your faith & prayers. This is a remarkable journey where we are learning a lot about ourselves. Thank you for sharing this experience with us. I hope you are learning as well that we can trust our Heavenly Father's plan for our lives and that there is purpose for these experiences.

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  1. You're so impressive - and way more productive than I've been!