Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lessons learned

We again got good news from our doctor. The source of the bacteria has been identified. The surgeon was quite sure it isn't the type infection that would attach itself to the bone plate in Mike's head. So... thus far, no plans for surgery. Mike did have a headache yesterday and today and we felt quite anxious about that. Again... the doctor said you can have headaches that don't coincide with brain cancer. We need to make sure it isn't persistent. That said, I wanted to share with you some of the great lessons we have learned thus far in this journey.

1. Replace fear with faith.
2. Listen after prayer...the answers often come when we are still and quiet.
3. A support group is essential.
4. Always be grateful.
5. Optimism is contagious.
6. Health care professionals have been schooled and (especially in the Cancer Center,) they know what they are doing and they work with exactness and kindness.
7. Learn to trust your gut feelings.
8. Don't just tell, but show people every day that you love them.
9. Be humble.
10. Set priorities...some things just don't matter anymore.
11. Always appreciate your family and friends.
12. Know that a kind, wise Heavenly Father loves us and knows us individually, and is in charge of each of our lives.
13. Trials make us better people.
14. A long walk clears your head.
15. Eat a balanced diet.
16. Sciptures are relevant to us personally.
17. Understand your limitations
18. Endure with patience

We love all of you. You have been our teachers. We are grateful for your support and kindness always.


  1. Praise the Lord - again and again and again....

    Carol and Mike

  2. Just wanted to let you know that even though we are far away, we have not forgotten you. We pray for you and love you! Thank you for sharing your lessons learned. They are powerful reminders. Much love,

    Dan and Kelsey