Saturday, July 25, 2009

Getting ready for Sunday

Today has been a quiet peaceful day. It was wonderful to see the sun come out this afternoon. Rainy days are tiring! Mike is feeling well. After nearly 3 months of doctors appointments, medicine schedules, and daily trips to the cancer center, we are feeling a little lost. It looks like the infection is slowly going away. It is lovely to have Mike's round head back without the big bump! Mike is going to have a haircut tonight so he will look dapper for Sunday :)

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  1. The rainy weather sure made it a lazy day. I am sleeping so much better with 7+ hours last night and a couple good naps today. After a bit of Rotary service at the Greenway park this morning, I worked at the office for a while this afternoon while Nancy bought fresh produce at the farmer's market and a local farm. We just had a great dinner of corn, green beans, grilled pork burgers, water mellon, cantilope, etc.

    We are enjoying the day in Indiana when we should have been at OBX (where they also had rain today). We count our blessings daily for the healing with which we have been blessed.