Friday, July 31, 2009

Another MRI

The doctor decided this morning to schedule Mike for another MRI since he is having headaches. We will do that tomorrow. This could be another one of those long week ends! We have faith that the radiation did what it was supposed to do... We are so fortunate to have the doctors we have. And this too shall pass. Thanks for your continued prayers.


  1. Stay strong.....we are all right there with you and Miguel.


  2. I believe we always knew that there would be another MRI after radiation & chemo to assess the current condition of the brain. These headaches are not chronic or persistant, so we view this a precautionary. We have wise doctors who are doing the right thing.

    We are full of faith and confident that the healing is happening. The infection "bump" is almost gone and they are still checking to see if there is a better antibiotic to address it.

  3. Mike and Nancy, We keep you always in our prayers. We admire your faith and positive outlook. It sounds like you have an excellent team of medical people to work with. Thank you for trusting all of us enough to share during this tender time in your lives. Wish we could give you more strength. I know we are filled up every day when we visit your blog. Emolyn

  4. Yes,Mike,I believe you are correct when you say that there is usually an MRI following the treatments that you have received so far. They need to have something to compare as they continue your treatment. I have every faith and confidence that this is just a "bump" in the road (pun intended :)and that you will continue on the road to recovery.