Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh, What a Beautiful Evening!

Mike is the author again :)
Last evening was most delightful as Tyler and Will delivered Hannah and Allen to our home, Andy arrived, and all were here except our Maggie and Kim (we missed them). We ordered Pizza King (a family favorite) and used certificates provided by friends in some get well cards a few weeks ago. Nancy also warmed up some organic food for me and made a wonderful green salad from leaf lettuce from our garden. It was great to have almost everyone together for the evening where we visited, laughed, and filled our bellies.

Will discovered the new toy that was sent to me from the Huffman cousins (jack in the box with a sock monkey rather than the traditional clown). He had a great time launching bowls and army men off the lid when the monkey popped up.

We stayed up until about 11 pm talking (Nancy, Hannah and Allen were up much later.) and I again slept for 5 straight hours again! I feel rested and my back just gets stiff being in bed that long (may need to replace the mattress soon). We have a full morning of work, radiation, and an oncology appointment before heading the Greenfield for an afternoon with a professional photographer and a cookout at Kim and Tyler's home.

Family time is most precious. This holiday weekend, I hope we all focus on quality time with our loved ones as we celebrate the birth of our great nation. We are grateful to live in a country where we can live in peace, worship as we choose, and live in comfort.

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  1. Smile for the camera! I'm surprised Nancy isn't the photographer. She takes great family pictures :)!