Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Grandpa's special day

It's been a lovely day... Thanks to everyone who encouraged the chocolate eating yesterday... It did help. I saw the shrink again this morning and he said it was very probable that we would have sad days. So with that affirmation, I will move on to today :)

It is my dad's birthday today. He is 82 and still going strong like a 50 year old. He is absolutely amazing! What a pillar he has been for our family for so many years. My parents have been so wonderful to Mike and me during this time. We thank them for it... I know Heavenly Father hears their prayers! We feel like we are in good hands.

A great friend of mine traveled 3 hours to come to Funcie today for a visit. We got together with a mutual friend and had such a wonderful afternoon. It was so good to talk and cry and share our love with each other. Friends have been so important to us in the past several months. We again thank each of you for your love and support.

Mike is having another of those GREAT days. He napped for a few hours this afternoon and is now back to work. We are curious about his new hair growth. We think we can grow a mullett (sp?) if we work at it... You will see the view from the back. Do you see possibilities?


  1. A mullett? That's awesome. He could totally rock one, I'm sure. I can't wait to see it in a few months.
    Hope your day has been a nice one! We're praying for you.

  2. I too think he could definitely do a mullet...but, I'm hoping that it will be a really long pony tail mullet...they are the best!!
    Glad to hear you are all still doing well. The shrink is right...you will have sad days...but it if helps...people without cancer have sad days too. Try to keep that in mind if you can. I know it isn't easy to do, but try not to always let it be the cancer that controls you, your thoughts, your plans or anything else for that matter. Take care of yourselves and live life to the fullest. We think of you guys often & with lots of positive thoughts. Maybe we can have a mullet contest at the family reunion in September..what do you think???
    Cindy,Jeff & Chelsea