Monday, July 6, 2009

A New Week

It is a cool start to a new week, but the temperatures are supposed to get to the normal 80s starting this afternoon. We had a wonderful weekend and holiday with Hannah, Allen, Andy, and Tyler's family. We had another meal at Nancy's parents' home yesterday to celebrate her father's birthday coming this week. We are sorry to see Hannah and Allen leave, but they are hauling furniture and attic memorbillia back to Albuquerque starting this morning. We wish them a safe journery and appreciate their visit so much.

I continue to notice positive changes with the decreasing steroid taper. I slept better last night and didn't wake up so early. I am down to the last 2 weeks (10 left) of radiation treatments. I still feel well and really not too fatigued, though I do seem to sleep more in the day than previously. Nancy continues to monitor my progress and I am grateful for her knowledge and expert care.

May each of us make this a great week and continue this journey with full confidence in the Lord's plan for our lives.

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