Thursday, July 9, 2009

A trip out of town...

After resting all morning (supposedly) Mike was able to drive to a job site today that is about an hour away. I was of course scared to let him go, but one of his employees rode with him and he did just fine. I have him home now and he is fine and feeling so good about the day. He is fed and I hope he will rest the remainder of the evening.

It was nice for me to have lunch with my cousin (whose birthday is today) and my good friend from childhood. The three of us used to be the 3 Muskateers in grade school. It was so much fun to think of days so long ago.

We are continually thinking of those of you who have been so kind and considerate of us. Yesterday we got a WONDERFUL plate of brownies... A few days ago, a basket full of tomatoes and parsley... Soon, I will have cherry tomatoes and would love to share our bounty. Stop by and bring your baskets!

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