Monday, July 20, 2009

A Walk of Faith into a new week

This week will start with unknowns. We will contact the doctor this morning to see if there is any word on the type of infection I am harboring. We don't know if it is easily treatable or if I will face the surgery from last week. We will walk by faith and face decisions with confidence in the Lord's plan. It is a bit of a step into the darkness, but we know there is solid footing which we just cannot see yet.

It was nice to have the weekend at home with my sweetheart of 34 years! Actually she has been my sweetheart for 38 years, just married 34 of them. We were able to have a wonderful visit with close friends and have an anniversary dinner out on Saturday night, as well as worship at church yesterday. Nancy is an incredible woman and is facing this with courage and faith. I love her so very much and recognize that this journey is harder on her than on me. We walk hand in hand together.

Addendum: Just talked to the doctor's office. Mike will be seen tomorrow morning.

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  1. Nancy IS an incredible woman and you are an incredible man. That make you two the INCREDIBLES!!! Prayers continue for this day and the next and the you both.