Monday, June 1, 2009

It's June already

This morning Mike left for work, I read the paper and did the crossword puzzles, the washing machine is running... This is the most normal morning we have had for three and a half weeks! Mike will be home by noon. We go to see our primary care physician this afternoon. On Friday we have an appointment at the cancer center to have instruction on Mike's chemotherapy by an oncology nurse practicioner.

Mike is still having problems with sleep at night. He seems to be able to sleep for 2 or 3 hours and then is up for 2 or 3 hours and then can fall back asleep in the early morning hours. We hope so much that the steroid dose will be reduced today. Mike has tapered off of the anti seizure medication.

Thanks to everyone for the kind birthday wishes. May is over and we are looking forward to the wonderful month of June with its warm days. I need to go water my flowers if the rain doesn't come soon.

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  1. It almost sounds like normal! Isn't normal wonderful? You may have a new normal now, but at least it is beginning to hint of the one you have known for so long. It must feel a bit like putting on a favorite pair of comfortable shoes. Hopefully Mike will have a good visit to the doctor and some more progress will be made.

    After Mike has had a number of treatments, he may feel like they are causing him a huge setback. So, try to think of it like this....he has started to cruise down the road again and this treatment will be a bit of a chuckhole in the road so to speak (sorry about the lame just seemed perfect in Muncie right now). It could be fixed and stay that way or it could reappear and need repatching....but a little chuckhole that is patched isn't a whole road falling apart (or at least we certainly hope not!!) Sorry for the slightly warped metaphor, but no matter how he feels during his upcoming treatments, they are just part of whole process of making things "normal" again. Of course, we are all hoping and praying that it isn't anymore than a chuckhole that popped up and needs fixed. An inconvenience (well actually a whole lot more than an inconvenience, but possibly not in the big scheme of things) to have it fixed & the road is closed or there is a detour for a while, but afterward...a smooth road ahead.

    It's good he (and your whole family) has so many people on deck to cheer him on. That should make the load a little lighter for everyone. Take care and thanks again for keeping us informed. Your trip to the outer banks sounds wonderful and just exactly what everyone will need by then!!
    Cindy, Jeff & Chelsea