Friday, June 26, 2009

Too hot to play

Mike had a rough night. He slept well until his legs started cramping. He was anxious about that when I woke up. We think we have it all figured out... dehydration, low potassium, steroids, chemo, radiation, outdoor heat could all be culprit. We got him some orange juice, are making sure he is drinking plenty of liquids today and did call the doctor. The doctor agreed with our assessment. I told Mike that it was just too hot to play outside today!

The Cancer Center will be closed on Friday next week due to the 4th of July holiday. Looks like Mike will end his radiation on a Friday rather than a Thursday. We are grateful for a 3 day break next week! Hannah and Allen will be here on Wednesday and will stay for a few days. Yeah!!

Our children continue to be so amazing during this journey. We have grown closer as a family. Will told me last Sunday that he really "yikes" me. I asked him if he "yiked" Poppy and he said that Poppy and Andy are his good friends. We absolutely love our family... we are a way beyond the "yiking" phase :)

Stay cool and drink lots of fluids today... We all need to take care of ourselves :)

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  1. Mike and Nancy, I continue to be inspired by the two of you thru this journey. I read your blog for updates on Mike and how you both are doing. Additionally, I know that thru your words I find the peace, happiness and blessings in each day, and praise our Lord for his gifts and for our friends. Continued prayers for all of you. Bill and Holly Bryant