Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lemonade on the porch...

Today has been wonderful. There has been no pressure to go to appointments or meetings or anything. Mike has relaxed on the porch since he came home from the office around 10:00. I just noticed that he FINALLY went to sleep. He admitted to fatigue again last night. I love it when he rests.

We had a lovely dinner with friends last night. Our hostess had gone to Trader Joe's and bought out the store! She had researched organic foods online and then bought all organic ingredients. That was so unnecessary, but so incredibly thoughtful. We had a wonderful time. We brought left overs home and Mike had a great lunch today!

We have some friends visiting this afternoon. What a good day for lemonade on the porch.


  1. We went to the Temple today and of course put your family on the prayer list. Lots of love to ya!

  2. I am going to need to learn my phsical limits a bit better. I really don't know if Friday's exhaustion was too much work on Thursday & Friday or if the radiation/chemo treatments catching up with me. Saturday was a day to rest and I tried to limit my activities, though it made me feel a bit unproductive (less than 3 hours at the office and no home projects were completed). Rudy and I sat on the porch, went through the mail, slept, and then we had wonderful visits from friends where we could just sit and talk.

    I was feeling a bit stir crazy, so we rented a movie last night which I slept through about half of.

    Today is actually Sunday already and we are excited to have Kim & Tyler and grandchildren coming to church with us. We are going to the Huffman's for dinner this afternoon where we expect Andy to join us. Hannah will just have to participate by telephone (and without food). It will be a good Father's Day for ME, Tyler, and Bill Huffman.

    We love the Sabbath and look forward to worshiping with you today. Where ever you worship today, please remember the Lord Jesus Christ's healing power. The are some of our followers of this blog who have lost loved ones this week, others who are struggling with health issues, and more who emotionally or spiritually need healing. I will remember them this day and will also express gratitude for the continued healing with which I am blessed. I also express sincere love and apprecaition for my care givers. Nancy is my primary one and she is fantastic.

    Have a wonderful Father's Day. Even if your father is not able to be with you today, they all have made an impact on our lives. Express your sincere feelings and remember some wonderful experiences with your Dad.

  3. Mike,
    Your post certainly went straight to the heart. I will certainly take time to reflect on all that my Dad taught me and the joys we had together! Enjoy your day with the kids, Bill & Jane, but remember it is your day as well, so as a Father yourself, sit back and let others take care of you for a change.
    As for working to do we tell you to slow down? Just remember your body is healing and with each treatment something new is happening within your body, something you have never experienced before. This may be a time when you are being taught to rest and enjoy, rather than working and giving to others all the time. You and Nancy are doing a wonderful job, from a two time care giver I truly appreciate and understand each day of your journey and so far you both get an A! Happy Father's Day! Enjoy!