Monday, June 15, 2009


We needed a grandchildren fix so we drove Ty and Kim's last evening. It is so much fun for Mike to just watch the little ones play. Will was happy for the cookies I took to him and his family. Maggie is walking everywhere now. She is getting more teeth. It was a lovely evening to talk to T & K and see the kids.

Mike is off to work and then on to the cancer center for his treatment. He has another board meeting and an annual meeting today at noon. I think he may be pretty exhausted when he gets home, but meetings like this invigorate him. He loves seeing people. He has become quite good at just bumping elbows and not shaking hands and hugging everyone. We bought more little bottles of hand sanitizer on Friday. He has been very good to use it frequently.

Here are some lines from an article I read last night: "...when I patiently endure trials, the Savior, who took upon Himself all of our ills and sorrows, ministers to me through the spirit. I experience the Savior's tender mercies. My trials may continue, but having taken upon me the yoke of Christ, I find Him sharing my yoke, making my burdens bearable, and giving me hope. I then have strength to endure. I have assurance that all will be made right, not just in eternity but also for eternity. Hope is anything but wishful. It is expectation based on experience."


  1. Mike and Nancy,

    Woo hoo, it sounds like you had a great weekend! Seeing those "grands" definitely help boost your immune system doesn't it?:)Mike, I agree with Nancy....keep your hands in the pockets! We will all be SAD if you miss a treatment due to being sick. Nancy, I have just put you in charge of the new "Norrick" can have the organic section and share with all of us your fabulous new recipes! Should be a fun reunion! Have a good week and thank you for sharing with all of us this journey!

    Love, Sis and Phil

  2. Nancy and Mike - I love your testimony of hope - born out of many many experiences throughout your life. Hope is born of faith. I appreciate the idea of sharing the yolk. Yes, it is so much more manageable. I know that the Lord has us each engraven in his palms and that he knows us by name, our trials, and our works. I love the story in Luke teaching us that the prayers and needs of Cornelius were brought in memorium before the Lord because of his many good works and faith.

  3. Nancy and Mike -
    Thanks for mentioning hope. One of my most oft-read talks is Brightness of Hope by Neal Maxwell. It includes this thought:
    "Faith and hope are constantly interactive, and may not always be precisely distinguished or sequenced. Though not perfect knowledge either, hope’s enlivened expectations are “with surety” true. In the geometry of restored theology, hope has a greater circumference than faith. If faith increases, the perimeter of hope stretches correspondingly."
    Thank you for your thoughts and testimonies -