Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Welcome to the "club"

We just got home from the cancer center. Mike was a guinea pig for the new machine they have at the center. They did a panaramic CT scan today to compare it to previous ones. The treatment seemed to last so long and I was getting a little nervous, but then he appeared with a big smile because he had been one of the first to use the new machine. We also met with a different radiation oncologist today as ours is off this week. She was such a darling little Asian woman. We think we have some things under control... He will now take the same dosage of steroids but just once a day in the morning. We are hoping by taking the dosage in this way he will sleep better.

I visited with some friends at the center today while I waited for Mike. My friend, who had cancer 6 years ago, said that Mike and I had joined a new "club," the club of families affected with cancer. She welcomed me and told me that everyone in the club is really nice and that we would fit in nicely! We are again so grateful for such a wonderful facility. People who deal with cancer patients are some of the best in the world. It is evident to us that God has chosen these special people to take care of us everyday. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  1. Nancy & Mike,
    So glad things went well today with the new machine and Mike's progress. You are right the Cancer center family is outstanding! They understand our pain, our fears and concerns before we know they even exsist. It is a family we all wish we didn't have to belong to, but since we were chosen to be members, I agree the family is the best. Nancy, you are correct, God does select the best to help care for those with Cancer including yourself and the kids. You may not be the doctor, nurse or anyone at the hospital but you are the "round the clock care giver", a big job I must add!! Keep up the great work and progress!!
    Hugs & love,