Saturday, June 13, 2009

Slow day... YEAH!

There haven't been any appointments or tasks that have had to be completed today. It has been a very relaxing day for me. Mike gets a bit restless. Why is it that I can do nothing for a good period of time, but Mike has to ALWAYS be doing something? I guess I have gone from being a stay at home person to a person who does the home thing as well as having a full time job :) Maybe some of you want to welcome me to the working world :) I will say that unlike some of you I LOVE my new job. I am so happy to do all that is necessary to care for Mike during this time, however, tiredness has caught up with me. Like many of you, I am now up, showered and dressed by 7:00 or 7:30. My day doesn't end until 10:30 or so. I now cook 3 (organic meals a day which is a completely new thing)... I was down to maybe 1 (we ate out a lot.) I administer meds, go to appointments, do most of the driving, etc. (All of which I haven't done since all of the kids were home.) I am grateful for the few hours in the morning when Mike can go to the office. He needs that as much as I do. Thanks for your consideration in giving us some much needed time in the mornings without phone calls and visits. We still love having people drop by. Mike is always happy to talk someone's ear off or maybe take a walk with someone :) We only have 24 treatments to go!


  1. It was great to see you and Mike at Symphony on the Green. You have been on my heart,mind and in my prayers daily. Your new routine sounds strangely familiar. When you get a break,and have some time to chat, I would love to talk to you.
    Love and prayers

  2. Saturday was great without any pressure to go or do anything. Nancy and I started off with the Minnetrista farmer's market for organic, locally produced fruit, veggies, flour,and meat. I also got to go to my office for a few hours to clean out some files. I was also able to get 3 great power naps in the back yard with Rudy. Nancy is fixing great meals, but organic cooking causes lots of dishes and clean up. We are enjoying our new lifestyle.

    The symphony on the green was enjoyable, but a much smaller crowd than previous years. I did get to visit with several friends there. Afterwards, we went to Target to get some hair clippers and my sister who is in town tried to even out the longer and shorter hairs on my head. I hope it looks decent for church today.

    Last night was also one of the best sleeping nights I have had - 5 hours in bed! Though it is only 4:00 am, I feel rested and ready for a full day. I hope Nancy slept as well and gets a few more hours.

    We look forward to a worshipful Sabbath day. May the Lord's blessings rest upon you this day as well. We feel your faith and prayers and are sustained daily by your acts of kindness and love. We express gratitude to you and to the Lord for these wonderful gifts.

  3. Dear Mike and Nancy,
    I am always uplifted when you express your testimony, gratitude and optimism in your blog. Nancy, I know you are doing a wonderful work in your new, full-time job. Love, Sandra

  4. Mike and Nancy,

    I hope you have a wonderful week; we will miss you in Florida....please know you are always in my thoughts and prayers and I love you both very much.


  5. Mike and Nancy,
    We are so glad that you got to go to the Symphony on the Green. We would have loved to go also, but decided that we should go to church instead. It was another fantastic sermon entitled "Promise". For the past 3 weeks the one word sermon titles--Integrity, Hope, and Promise just made it clearer to us that they were "Mike Ellis all over." Again it was not a coincidence--they were meant for us to hear. We spoke to Gregg P. about our feelings. Also on Friday evening at M & M's a prayer service was held for you, Mike. Many U.C. folks are praying on your behalf. Hopefully your time at church today will be inspiring. Again, Love and Prayers. J & B.