Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lazy day

Mike slept fairly well and then did some office work in the wee hours of the morning. He developed a bit of a headache and decided to stay home from the office today. He is watching a movie right now, but I think he has dosed quite a bit while watching. He just said the headache is better and he is going to get ready to go to a United Way meeting this afternoon.

We sure see the difference between days with sunshine and rainy days. We prefer the sunshine... It is amazing what light and warmth do for one's emotional state!

We got a box from Hannah yesterday that contained a wonderful cookbook (for cancer patients.) I am anxious to try some of the recipes. There are a lot of wonderful tips for eating while going through treatments... Today I am trying the protein shake.

Andy is still working like a maniac, but will be able to take a few days off next week for a short trip. He is so deserving of the time. We are ever grateful for his amazing support at the office. Tyler stopped in last night before his class at BSU. Just a few weeks and he will not have to make any more trips to Muncie for classes. Mike talks to Hannah nearly every day and considers that a major bright spot in his day. We are so grateful for each of our children and their support.

Even if there is no sunshine outside today, "there is sunshine in our souls." :) Hope you all can have a lazy day like us!


  1. I agree!! I want some more sunshine!! If you haven't read President Uchtdorf's article in the June Ensign yet, I highly recommend it! I thought of you guys the other day as I was reading it. His choice of words is so beautiful. "Prayer helps us transcend stormy times. It gives us a glimpse of that blue sky that we cannot see from our earthly vantage point, and it reveals to us another vista--a glorious spiritual horizon filled with hope and the assurance of the bright blessings the Lord has promised to those who love and follow Him."

    Take care,

  2. Nancy and Mike,
    I do believe that all the folks are having a lazy or sleepy day. Maybe we'll have sunshine tomorrow. Blue skies and sunshine do help keep the spirit up, even if we're not out of doors. Hopefully your day wasn't too bad. Did Mike feel well enough to go to the United Way meeting? Mike is such a fantastic community man and Muncie needs those so much. Birl was here and that made the day better. Bill went to his NEW doctor (a Hartford City chiropractor with a "ponytail")!!! As of tomorrow, I am taking over that job. He's been having backaches like we have. The new recipe book sounds like a great find. Just leave it up to Hannah. She certainly is a bright spot for all of us. Be sure and let us know what recipe Mike (and you)like best. Maybe we should all try some healthier foods. If there is an apple pie recipe, let me know. I put one from the freezer in the oven to have this evening and most of it is still in the oven! Now I have a nice big job to look forward to.
    It looks like we will have cherries, plums, pears as well as apples this year so I must get into the pie-making mood. Love & prayers to both of you. J & B

  3. After a bit of recovery time and some power naps, I did go to my United Way meeting. It is good to be out and about again. I seem to have just too much time on my hands and that is not my style.
    Today and tomorrow are more appointments at the BMH Cancer Center to finalize my treatments which might begin as early as Friday.
    We are still full of faith and know the Lord is in charge. We continue to have the faith that this part of the plan for our growth (maybe yours too).
    Nancy has become my driver and we are even going to try to get to a project site this afternoon, so I can sign a payment request for a contractor - Yes, some billable hours! Nancy will get mileage reimbursement, so she'll even benefit from the trip.

    Make it a wonderul day - looks like the rain is moving out of the area and clearing for a good weekend. Andy and I are signed up to play golf with our church's annual scramble. I may go to the driving range this evening to see just how much better my swing is. I should have asked the doctor to tweek something in there while he was working to give me some "swing memory". I hope I can do it, but may just be riding around on a cart with my son. That would also be great!