Friday, June 12, 2009

Is it Friday already?

We spent a great day today with all of the missionaries in our mission (162, I think) It was a special conference presided over by one of our leaders from Salt Lake. There was special music which was outstanding. The messages were spiritual and uplifting. Mike had an opportunity to speak for a moment and thank this wonderful group of young men and women for their prayers and support. It was very emotional for all of us.

Mike was able to go to the mission home in Carmel and rest for a bit and then we had a wonderful dinner there. We made a quick stop at Sam's Club on our way home to stock up on office supplies etc. Mike seems to be going strong as he is out walking Rudy as I write. He has had only a couple of power naps today. Maybe he will sleep well tonight.

It is hard to believe another week has gone by. Tomorrow will find me at the Farmer's market and Mike will no doubt head to the office. We may try to go the the Symphony on the Green tomorrow night.

Thanks to whoever mowed our grass today. What a joy to come home and see our lawn looking so trimmed and beautiful. You folks out there are just amazing. We absolutely adore all of you!

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  1. It is a low stress Saturday around the Ellis home. We did a bit of breakfast and went to the Minnetrista farmer's market. Rudy and I then took a walk and a good morning nap.

    I'm at the office for a couple hours to sort through some files which need to be put away followed by lunch and probably another nap.

    We may hit the Symphony on the Green, though there could be some pop up rain showers this afternoon. It is nice to have a day where there is no pressure to do anything.