Monday, June 22, 2009

I can laugh now

This morning's happenings:

Nancy: Sitting at the island reading the newspaper
Mike: Walks in from the garage with Rudy after a walk.
Nancy: "Good morning sweetheart!"
Mike: "Good morning... I've done some really impulsive this morning."
Nancy: Thinking Mike may have bought a new car or sold the house says: "What on earth did you do already this morning that was so impulsive?"
Mike: (Turning around as he talks) "I tried to even up the stray hairs on my head."
Nancy: "You did WHAT?"
Mike: "You will need to fix it :)"
Nancy: "You know I can't cut hair!" (Looking at his head knew she had to do something and something quickly :/)
Mike: "I'm sorry, I thought I could just trim it up..."
Nancy: "Don't you dare tell your friends at the cancer center that I cut your hair! You tell them YOU did it!

We got Mike into the bathroom with a towel around his neck and took off what hair had grown back. I truly wish I would have taken a picture so you could have seen the bald spots Mike shaved onto his head. At least now there isn't ANY hair, so his head doesn't look like a quilt :) I can laugh now.


  1. Dear Mike and Nancy,

    As I read your daily blogs, I am so grateful for the network of wonderful people who show their love and support to you in such meaningful, helpful ways. Like many other people, Randy and I love you and pray for you daily.

    Nancy, you express your thoughts so beautifully in your blog posts. Each one inspires me.


  2. I am laughing sooooo hard! It reminds me of kids at school who cut a little of their hair and their mamas shave their heads after saying, "you want your hair cut? i'll show you a haircut!"

  3. OH NO! Another incident with Michael Wayne and his hair woes? I have to admit that I had a little chuckle at his expense when I read today's blog! After attempting to even my brother's hair with electric clippers that weren't even charged up (on a late Saturday evening)...I was the one sweating it out a couple weeks ago!!! The bald look is very popular and it would sure lessen some of the stress of home haircuts! There's lots of women (myself being one of them) that love a man with a bald head.

    Love and prayers for you both!


  4. How funny....I sure hope I didn't prompt his impulsivness by telling him yesterday that his hair was getting long! Either way, I think it looks great.

  5. Just because Allen can cut his own hair doesn't mean that everyone can... When Allen and I come home we will give him a trim...

  6. So funny. Maybe my hubby needs to give Mike some lessons. He cuts his own hair all the time.

  7. I will no longer try to trim my own hair, though I appreciate the offers for lessons. I am now pretty closely trimmed, so it shouldn't need it for a few weeks any way. I hope I don't embarrass Nancy and others with the way it turned out. It was amazing how much of the hair was almost black which is not my normal color. Things are a-changin'.

    We had a good day Monday with a dinner in the evening in Indianapolis. It made me sleep really well last night and I feel great having 5 hours sleep again.

  8. I think this would be a great time to transition to business upfront and party in the back. It would probably be easier to self-maintain.