Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Change in plans...

Mike's treatment appointments will be at 1:00p for 3 days rather than 9:20. There is some kind of new machine in the radiation oncology department and for the next 3 days training will take place for the staff. Since we are so close to the hospital, the change in schedule is easy for us. We realize there are many who are driving a long distance. We see the nutritionist today. I will report on that after the appointment. Should I tell her about the Ding Dongs or should I tell her that Mike is now eating organic? :)

We had a great dinner last night from a friend. I hope her recipe is not a secret as I would love to make it sometime. It was roasted salmon with asparagus. The seasonings were outstanding. She also brought some cheesecake that her daughter had made and Mike and I both indulged.

After dinner some good friends stopped by and we had a great visit. Mike may have done some dozing while they were here but it is still nice to see good friends. They brought us some cherries from their tree. We were so happy for those since the birds got all of our cherries even before they were ripe enough to pick!

Mike feels great this morning and is out walking Rudy before he goes to the office. We are so very grateful for no side effects from the chemo thus far. Recognizing and being grateful for small blessings has become a new part of our lives.


  1. Mike and Carol BakerJune 16, 2009 at 9:28 AM

    Keep up the great progress! You are an inspiration to so many. It's ashame what it takes to inspire sometimes. I am impressed with the great nutritional changes you have made. Keep telling us of the new recipes and delicious treasures you find. It is good advice for all of us.

    Prayers continue to be sent up in your behalf.
    With love,
    Mike and Carol Baker

  2. Glad to see yo both doing so well. Hopefully the weather stays nice so you can continue to walk. You both are in our prayers.

  3. I have been quietly reading your blog every day and am amazed at how inspring you are. As someone else said, it is a shame what it takes to inspire sometimes. May we all be as grateful for the small things in life like you are. My prayers are with you both.

  4. The thing is Mike has been dozing during my visits for years.
    ...come to think of it most people doze during my visits.