Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another "new normal" day

I went to the cancer center this morning for an appointment with a psychologist. It was nice for me to have him affirm that we are dealing with this situation in a very normal/positive way. He liked the fact that Mike and I can talk openly about our feelings. I have had such anxiety with doctor appointments fearing that we will be told more bad news. The psychologist assured me that with questions that we might ask, we can have more control over the visits. I have been very afraid to visit the neurosurgeon this Thursday. I was reminded that this visit should be a normal 6 week after surgery visit. He indicated the doctors will tell us what information we want to know. I thought I was one of those people who always wanted to know everything. In this situation, I only want to know what I have to know for tomorrow. I am just to the point in this process where I can think just a little beyond tomorrow... For a many, many weeks, I could only think about today (or acutally the present hour or minute.)

Mike spent time at the office this morning. He napped well after his return home from his treatment and then had lunch. He is off to a client meeting right now. He slept very well last night. There is certainly a correlation between good rest and productivity.

I watched a video last night about an amazing woman who dealt with many trials in her life. One of the things she said was that "we don't have strength, we find it." We are finding strength in so many different ways. I am so strengthened by writing this blog. It is so theraputic to me to be able to write about each days events and especially the high points! Our biggest strength comes from our knowledge of a loving Heavenly Father and in his son Jesus Christ who will carry us when we stumble. I am so grateful for this sure foundation.


  1. You're strong Nancy and Mike & you have lots of support to help you find strength when you need it!

  2. By writing this and sharing this we are not only kept 'up to date', but given opportunities to pray more fervantly for you- for specifics - It helps me feel more useful and involved.