Monday, June 8, 2009

Today's agenda...

Mike had his radiation treatment this morning. There has been a glitch with our insurance company about getting the chemo drug. They have to decide from which pharmacy it will come. The cancer center thought it was all worked out on Friday and that the drug would be sent over the weekend. The pharmacy assured them that they had called us. Interestingly, we didn't ever get a call. I was spitting fire this morning, but Mike called the pharmacy number and was calm and nice and the drug will be overnighted... Grrr.

We had a nice visit with our friend who is going through the same treatments... She looked so pretty this morning with her bright red scarf. It is so insightful to talk to her and her husband. They are about 2 weeks ahead of us and we can find out from them what is coming. She said after she took the first chemo drug she stayed awake all night and waited to get sick... It hasn't happened yet!

I just ground some white wheat into flour with a friend's amazing electric mill. I also ground the flaxseed as it supposedly does what it is supposed to do when it is ground. This will be another bread making day. I have also found a great mac and cheese recipe that I am counting on Mike liking. I think mac and cheese sounds real comforting, don't you?

Mike is working on a project from home today. He slept really well last night. It is amazing how well he is doing. We recognize that the fatigue will be a cumulative thing... Your prayers and kind thoughts have helped us through another week. Thanks.


  1. Charlotte Vining StradlingJune 8, 2009 at 9:10 PM


    Mom has a wonderful recipe for a salad dressing that uses flaxseed oil. She is with me in Texas right now as Bob's daughter, Sarah, graduates high school tomorrow evening. Maybe when she returns, you can get it from her.


  2. Mac and cheese sounds awesome! Who doesn't love a good comfort food like that!?

  3. You are finding out what I did. When it comes to medical care you check, double check and triple check. Apparently there are many steps along the way where the ball can be dropped. Mike is blessed to have you, Nancy. Every patient needs a main question asker and note taker.