Sunday, June 14, 2009


Today we traveled to Elwood to attend a branch of our church. We again are so touched by the kindness of others towards us. The messages in our Sacrament meeting were so outstanding. One message in particular "spoke to me." The young woman spoke on not boasting about our service, but rather just doing it quietly and meaningfully. She made the comment that no matter what our "position" in life, all of us are humbled and in need of other's comfort and service. Of course I thought of all that is being done for us, so humbly and thoughtfully and I KNOW it is our Heavenly Father prompting you to do what you are doing, be it a note, a phone call, a visit, and most importantly a prayer. It is so different for us to be on the receiving end of this service of others. We do, however, recognize that we all need to learn to be gracious receivers. We are learning that huge lesson.

We drove to my parent's house after church and had a nice visit with them. I could "boast" here and say that I have some of the most incredible parents ever Their lives have been and still are such examples of quiet, meaningful yet anonymous service.

We are waiting on our Basmati rice to cook and then will bake some flounder and add some vegetables and fruit to our meal. We are finding many, many new flavors, textures and recipes that we are liking. Last night I tried a recipe that Hannah sent... hamburgers with blueberries, bread crumbs, balsamic vinegar, Worteshershire sauce, Dijon mustard and garlic. The garlic taste was a bit heavy, but with some tweaking of that, I think those may become a main stay.

We will use this day to rest and get ready for another busy, busy week!

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