Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

We are looking forward to a glorious Father's Day today. It is so wonderful to be surrounded by wonderful fathers in my life. My father is an amazing man. He is full of wisdom, kindess and love for his family, and others. He has always taught how important it is to serve others. He leads our family with such dignity and goodness. I love him dearly.

It is so wonderful to see Tyler as a father. He is so full of love for his little family. It is priceless to see Will and Maggie light up when he walks into a room. We know our grandchildren will never want for love and affection. We feel so blessed to have another generation in our lives.

My dear sweet companion is such an amazing father to our children and "Poppy" to our grandchildren. Not a day goes by without Mike checking on each of our kids and grandkids. He prays for them daily and hopes for the best life has to offer for all of them. Our children are such wonderful people. We are so grateful that each of them is in our lives. Mike has been such a powerful example of good to them and to me always.

I love these men with every fiber in my being. We hope all of you have a wonderful day with your Fathers.


  1. Wishing you a wonderful Father's Day!

    The Dale's

  2. We have had the pleasure today of having most of our family here for a portion of the day. We had dinner together and an enjoyable afternoon. Two of our grandchildren, plus our two great grand children, Maggie and Will helped to make the day just wonderful!! Alice, Nancy, and Mike were present as well as Andy, Tyler and Kim. Of course we missed Hannah, Allen and Molly who are out of the area,but to have any of our family is always such a joy. My husband Bill, son-in-law Mike,and grandson Tyler were the three fathers honored. It was special indeed.

  3. W&M light up when Kim walks in. Me not so much--makes for a good blog post though.