Friday, June 5, 2009

1 down, 29 to go

Mike had his first radiation treatment this morning and all went very, very well. Again, we are so pleased with the care we are receiving at the Cancer Center at BMH. Mike was told this morning that he has won half of the battle because of his optimism!

We met with the nurse practicioner at 11:00 and she is WONDERFUL! She says that most of Mike's side effects, i.e. eye strain, trembling hands, etc. are due to the steroid, not the surgery. We are on a taper and can't wait for that to end. Things are so much better though that we really can't complain. She indicated that Mike could work as much as he felt like. The surgeon is still in charge of the driving schedule...which right now is only in town.

For a huge birthday present, we had our house professionally cleaned today. I couldn't be happier. Everything smells so clean and wonderful. I think that will give both of us a new lease on life. Understand, we keep a pretty clean house, but this is amazing!

We have been blessed beyond measure. Thanks again to everyone!


  1. What a blessing that things have been going smoothly for you! I hope this trend continues.

    And a professionally cleaned house?! That is like my dream -- especially these days as my protruding belly makes it difficult to lean over and scrub the tub. :)

  2. Mike and Nancy,
    We enjoyed reading about your anniversary and the loving feelings you each expressed for each other and your eternal marriage. I think of you daily. We have left Indiana as of this week when Karen left. It was a tender moment as we said good-bye to grandchildren (who we will yet see in a couple of weeks) and tried to drink in all the visual green we could before leaving for our tropical desert. We are pleased with the progress you are making with the medical treatments. love,
    John and Karen

  3. It is Saturday and is going to be another great day. After getting more sleep last night than I have previously been getting, I woke up refreshed (also hungry) and ready for the day. Our son, Andy and I are playing with our church's annual best ball scramble with a couple of his friends. He took me to the driving range yesterday to confirm I still had some ability to make some contact. Even some poor shots won't ruin a great day with my son.

    Nancy is going to hit the Farmer's Market again today for some more exploration into the organic change we are making. She has found some great tasting and healthy dishes (last night was talapia, new potatoes and asparagus. I must admit to an evening snack of dark chocolate on organic ice cream bar she found.

    I'm wondering how my morning power nap will work out on a golf cart. I may need to nap between #9 and #10.
    Make it a wonderful day!

  4. Hooray for you Mike!! Golfing today should be wonderful in the less humid sunshine. And what a pleasure for Andy and his friends to share this time together with you. The new foods Nancy is fixing sound great. I have yet to prepare talapia (must do so soon) and where in the world did she find organic ice cream bars?She is really doing things up right. We are equally proud of her as you are. Keep on with the good news. Again, love and prayers to you. J & B