Thursday, June 4, 2009


Thirty three years ago today Mike and I were sealed in the Washington D.C. Temple. On that day our marriage became eternal, rather than "till death do you part." We are so grateful for temples where families can be bound together forever.

Mike is the love of my life. We are having the most wonderful life together. We laugh, play, work, worship, and love each other and our family to the fullest. We find so much peace in the knowledge that our marriage will go on forever and ever.

We have to weather trials in our lives. We want to do that with grace. Onward we go, hand in hand.


  1. Well - congratulations on such a special day!


  2. The majestic beauty of the Washington DC Temple was an appropriate setting for this special ordinance. When coming around the beltway, the pure white marble with 3 tapering sprires at each end rising heavenward above lush green treen is just one of the most beautiful sights. It is called the "House of the Lord" and his pressence is there. Prophets of God in our day have again been authorized by heaven to bind on earth and in heaven. We became partakers of that wonderful blessing.

    I consider Nancy my eternal companion and pray that I may deserve such a wonderful daughter of God in an eternal life together bound by this sealing power. We have a wonderful and fulfilling life here and we love being married to each other. She makes every day exciting and fun. OUr shared faith draws us together and gives meaning and purpose to this wonderful experience. We also have claim upon our dear children in this family unit with earthly roots, but with Eternal possibilities.

    It is also the 47th anniversary of my baptism. The acceptance of Jesus Christ and His church as an 8 year old child is memorable. My parents had been baptized when I was 4 and as I turned 8 (considered the age of accountability), I was given the opportunity to be taught and choose. Though it was the spring of the year the water heater in the the LDS chapel in Muncie (now occupied by the Salvation Army), was inadequate to warm the water. A friend born a few days before me, Bill Bricker, and I were baptized that day. It was memorable and I have never regretted that decision. Accepting Jesus Christ and His name with a pledge to live his commandments and remember Him became my quest which I still strive to fulfill. His Gospel provides the only path to happiness. I am grateful for the happiness I experience here and accept His plan for my life. I pray that this experience may draw others to Christ by feeling of His Spirit as you pray for our family. We feel of your faith and the Lord's healing power.

  3. This is a very special day and I know there will be many more. Congratulations! You are in my thoughts and prayers today and always.


  4. Congrats on your wedding anniversary! In this day and age it is quite an accomplishment to stay married and happy!

  5. Mike and Nancy,
    Congratulations on your anniversary. It hardly seems like 33 years ago, but considering that ours is 62 years---It does all add up. What beautiful comments that both of you have written---makes our hearts swell with pride and joy. And it is so good to read Mike's comments on his baptism. Mike, you remember so well that special time.Our love and prayers are with you each day. Stay as beautiful as you are--both of you. J & B

  6. Nancy and Mike,
    Just wanted to say you are in our thoughts and prayers and want to congratulate you on your anniversary! We have been getting reports often from Gena (I finally got the blog info) but anyway I was able to read up on all of your blogs from the first day. What a special couple you two are and what a blessing you have in your faith, each other, family and friends as you go through all of this. I have shared your news/blog info with some of our classmates and we all are praying for you....the power of prayers is a great gift from GOD!
    Enjoy the SUNSHINE today!
    Mark & Debbie C. (Coers)

  7. Happy Anniversary to you both! It is very uplifting to see two people who love each other so very much and just as much as they day you came together all of those years ago. Congratulations!

    Brenda I.

  8. Happy Anniversary a day late! May you celebrate many, many more together!
    Cindy, Jeff & Chelsea