Saturday, June 27, 2009

Project completed!

Today was such a good day for us. Mike worked a bit at the office this morning. He napped just a tiny bit and then started a long awaited project. We changed to AT&T Uverse several months ago. When it was installed we had cords running everywhere. The control box had to sit on our mantel and cords ran from the mantel to the shelves beside the fireplace. I tried everything to cover them, but it looked like a big mess. Today Mike reworked everything. He rearranged the shelves and put all of the electronic components on them. He ran the cords behind a nice covering and now it looks so neat and tidy. He worked so hard and was so pleased with the result.

I baked bread today and gave one of our friends a loaf. I am so embarrassed... I forgot the salt. It looks pretty but it tastes pretty bland.

When my sister called today after being on vacation for several days, I was able to tell her that I went most of the day today without thinking of Mike with cancer! What a blessing for me! We continue to be grateful for small miracles each and every day. Today, my six week survivor completed a major project. He has been able to do so many things around the house that I wasn't EVER counting on! I'm sure he is going to be voted the husband of the year. How am I so fortunate to be his companion?


  1. Just in case you don't know, I am a task oriented person. I love accomplishing tasks. While at the office, I had a fellow install a door bell on the entrance door so if no one is at the front desk, we will know when the front door opens while on the upper floors. That is also a good task we have been trying to get done for a couple weeks. I guess some extra night sleep must have made for some extra energy yesterday.

    I guess Nancy answered my big question for the day: "Was my project BLOG-WORTHY"? The only thing I couldn't get hooked back up was the Wii because I'm a couple feet short with the cable. I'll need to order or find one at a store before that can be a permanent installation. Right now, I'll need to hook and unhook it each morning and temporarily have a hanging cable, but no one really notices that at 5 am in the morning.

    It is now a Sabbath morning, so I'd better change focus a bit. I am so grateful that Nancy had a cancerfree thought day. That is another one of God's tender mercies and a miracle. Though we are grateful for growing experiences, it is wonderful to see progress in overcoming that which has dominated our life for the last 7 weeks. Dr. Adrian was right when he said on May 8th, that our lives were going to change that afternoon. What he didn't realize was that it would be for the better. We have made many lifestyle changes in the way we eat, exercise, and prioritize what is really important and needs to be done. I am certainly spending less time at the office, more time in the scriptures and mediation, more time in fervent prayer, and more sensitive to the feelings and welfare of others. There is positive feeling of faith and confidence which we have gained through this experience.

    I invite you to worship with us any day or to attend your church to pay devotions to a loving Savior and His Father on whom we all rely. Just because your challenge may not be as public as mine, does not mean you can not have the same spiritual and life changing experience. May I suggest that you take a moment today to reflect on what is really important and refocus.

  2. Mike,
    You and Nancy make all of this look so easy. Thank you for sharing the scriptures, the music and the hope you have found. You are a true inspiration, I find hope and faith through your daily messages as I am sure many others do. I am so glad Nancy had a day free of worry, we know this disease lives with you forever but the worry should lesson as you become stronger. Hope today is another beautiful day for all.


  3. Once again, I love reading each blog and being uplifted by your faith and happiness and optimism. I'm sure Mike was wonderful as he spoke to peope who would soon begin radiation treatments. What the medical professionals probably don't know is that Mike has had a lot of experience with public speaking. :-) I hope your Sunday will strengthen your soul. I will begin serving as nursery leader today and I can't wait.