Sunday, May 31, 2009

A few party posts

This blog is great... We can post pictures of our grandkids so all of you can see how cute they are. Mike had a great day, but was extremely tired this evening. Tomorrow is a new day... We welcome it.


  1. Happy Birthday Mike! Glad that you had a great day! We love you.

    Patty and Everett

  2. Happy Birthday! Andrew & Jennifer & family

  3. Love the pictures of your adorable Grandkids! Thanks for the daily updates. Wishing you a good upcoming week.

  4. We wish you and Nancy both a very happy Birthday - we know exactly what you mean
    about wanting to just skip over them any-
    more....we loved seeing your grandkids -
    they are so precious!

    Best of luck this coming week.... thinking
    of you and sending our best always. Mike,
    you look wonderful!

    Dan and Jana

  5. Dear Cherished Friends: It has been a wonderful weekend and great birthday. One of the posts is not quite accurate. I wasn't born until 1954. I loved spending time at church, visits with friends and our lovely family in our home, and the very best is having our grandchildren over for a visit. Will and I went to the school playground. I have been richly blessed by the Lord for this birthday. I could not ask for anything more and express sincere gratitude to Nancy and many others who have made this special for me.

  6. Good morning, Mike and Nancy,
    I look forward to reading your posts each day. Thank you for the pictures of the grandchildren, who are beautiful. Mike, you look good, too! We are praying that you will tolerate your radiation and chemo treatments well this week. Love, Sandra

  7. Looks like you were able to enjoy a fun birthday. You couldn't have asked for better weather either! Thanks for brightening my day! Love, Nan

  8. Mike and Nancy,
    We're so glad you had a great birthday and the grandkids are the best looking little folks we know of and they certainly love their poppy and nanny. We are so glad that they, as well as your boys could help you celebrate the day.
    Speaking of your church service---we had one Saturday evening that inspired us greatly. It was all about INTEGRITY, emphasizing it with the Lord. It was "Mike Ellis" through and through. We also talked at some length with Gregg and he and Beth send their best to you as well as much love and many prayers. He wants us to keep him posted. We certainly will.