Saturday, May 23, 2009

And he's off...

Mike was up and running today. He did the Wii fit this morning - the whole yoga routine then he slept. He drove to the office and was there about 2 hours and then he slept. He ran to the pharmacy to fill his prescription then off to see his friend who is going through a similar ordeal and then he slept. He was so grateful to see his friend and talk to her and hear how she is reacting to treatments. She told him she is really dealing with fatigue. He told me he thinks he will realize in the coming weeks what his limitations will be. Help me hold him to it dear friends!

We felt kind of like we were experiencing our new "normal" today. What a great thing.

Just want to end with: Rick, thanks for helping and loving Andy. TWW, keep the humor alive. Barb and Cindy, thanks for your daily comments. J&B, keep doing your normal stuff. Don't EVER stay home because you think you should be doing something for us. We LOVE your comments. J.n.d. thanks so much for lunch today. I told you I wouldn't send you anymore thank you notes, so read this! Regina, the scriptures today were PERFECT, thanks. B&K, thanks for eating with us last night. Beck and Dan, thanks for the yard mowings. Seems we have a new friend who wants to do it for a while... You are off the hook. M and A, thanks for daily reassurance. OK... I have to quit naming names. I am not including everyone. Thanks to all for your continued faith and prayers in our behalf. We are doing great. Have a wonderful day tomorrow... BTW it is my mom's birthday!

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  1. Mike & Nancy,
    I'm so glad that you both got so much accomplished today. Sometimes that is all you need to quiet your restlessness. Mike, I'm so glad you got to talk to your friend who is sick. I'm sure it did you and her both a lot of good. I know that people that I know who have had cancer have found a lot of comfort in talking to others who have had similar situations...just to have a better idea of what might lie ahead for you.

    Nancy, I'll try to be sure to call Aunt Jane to tell her Happy Birthday tomorrow and thanks for letting me know that tomorrow was her day! As I write this, I'm looking out my back door at the blooming iris & thinking of my mom & dad. They are absolutely beautiful this year! Hope you have another good day tomorrow and that your new normal is something you come to enjoy.