Friday, May 22, 2009

Week end update...

We just returned from the neurosurgeon's office. Mike had his staples removed and his incision is looking great. Mike was ready this morning with lots of questions. We are grateful that the doctor worked us in this morning...They told us our appointment wasn't actually until this afternoon. Someone got the time wrong... I will take the blame for that. The doc says Mike can go back to work on Tuesday for a couple of hours a day. Will everyone out there PLEASE help me make Mike stick to that schedule??? Also the doc says Mike can drive to and from the office. We are starting to decrease the steroids again today and he will be off of the anti seizure med in the next couple of weeks. HOPEFULLY we will get the old Mike back (you know the one who just talks a little bit, but still loves his friends and family...:)

Mike and I had a bit of a struggle this morning when he woke me up at 6:30 to TELL me he was going to go his Rotary meeting. I said absolutely not, he said absolutely yes... Most of you know that when I say no, I mean no! Well this morning, Mike won. I drove him to Rotary and gave him one half hour. I waited outside and he was very obedient in coming to the car at the appointed time. We visited his office and went to the bank. He was too tired to talk to the teller at the window about what I will doing with the money in my checking account. He is now sleeping peacefully on the patio. Thanks for you love and support. We meet with the radiology oncologist on Tuesday. I have to check the time... Mike may get us there too early. Have a great Memorial Day week end. For those of you driving... BE CAREFUL.


  1. Mike and Nancy,
    Thanks so much for the updates as they come. I am certainly hopeful that as you say, we get the 'old Mike' back and soon. Wish you the best and have a super Memorial Day weekend.
    Tom Leaird

  2. Nancy,
    So glad to hear the great news, I don't think Mike ever agreed that he would slow down. You are doing a wonderful job, I am very proud of your endurance, strength, and humor but most of all your strength. You will get through this test and be stronger down the road. Think of you often and pray everytime I think of you!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Posted this on the wrong's Friday afternoon!

    Thought you might like this link to President Eyring’s conference address:


  4. Mike and Nancy,

    Even though this is my first post, please know that my family has been following your progress from the start when Jan informed us and we've had you in our thoughts and prayers daily.

    And as Mike was very special to my Dad, I know he is probably right there with you...and knowing my Dad, whispering in your doctors' ears giving them advice :)

    Mike, sounds like you are making fantastic progress and, Nancy, the blog is such a blessing to help us not worry and take comfort. Thanks so much!

    I am driving my Mom from Florida back to Indiana the last weekend of May and hope that you all will be up for a quick visit Tuesday June 2 before I fly back to Cal.

    love to all,

    cousin Cyndy