Thursday, May 21, 2009

Doing laps around the hood

I got up this morning and Mike was feeling really well. The first thing he told me was that he had had a "Miralax dump" on the kitchen floor in the night... I felt so bad for him, but he laughed and laughed when he told me that thinking he was opening the large white Tylenol bottle, he actually had opened the bottle of Miralax and dumped powder into his hand and thus onto the floor! We think Rudy may have licked up some of the residue...No further comment needed :/ Do you believe that after brain surgery just one week ago we walked around the block this morning and again this evening?? Mike again had some nice visits today and got some more flowers and lots of cards. He is sooooo bored and wants so badly to have something to do. This is the hard part. We visit the doctor for staple removal tomorrow morning and then Mike is actually hoping to get some blood work done so it will take up some time. We then hope to go to the office for a minute and then to the bank. It was a wonderful day...We hope to have many, many more like this one!


  1. Kim and Ken MartinMay 21, 2009 at 11:08 PM

    I hate to tell you what I was thinking when you said Mike had a Miralax dump on the floor. Oh my goodness...until I read on...too much Miralax at our house too and talk revolving around things most people avoid talking about.:) I'm glad to hear you were able to get out together and enjoy walks in the beautiful weather. I hope you have many, many more wonderful days like this one too. BTW, I haven't hear yet what kind of brain cancer you're dealing with. What is it? I'll read up about it. ~Kim

  2. Mike here on early Friday morning. The Martins are just too pure. We dealt with a chronic bowel disease of our son for years and the bathroom humor kept us light. My apologies for any offended.

    Yesterday was wonderful. I am still feeling better each day and bordom is my worst enemy. I love visits & calls, but it wears on Nancy, keeping the house clean, the dog quiet, etc.

    We begin with some oncologist appointments next week and will know more of the type, origin and treatment for whatever that was which was growing there in my brain. We will inform you as appropriate. We just don't know what miracles have already occurred and which are yet to come. We are completely full of faith and trust completely in the Lord's plan for us. There must be more to learn and others to help along the way.

    We love your support, love and prayers.


  3. Goodmorning Mike & Nancy! It was good to talk to you yesterday big brother! I was a good sister and held off on returning your call until Nancy said it was okay, lol. I hope you have a great holiday weekend. My thoughts and prayers will continue with hopes for good news and more good days ahead.

    Brenda I.

  4. Hey, do you guys have a web cam? That way Mike could converse with others anywhere, eye strain is less because there's no typing or reading the monitor, and (the best part) if you're worried about a clean house, only the 2 feet behind you is seen!

  5. Hi Nancy...I'm sure you don't remember me, but I met you several years ago when my quartet came to Muncie and sang at an event you were hosting. Your sister, Molly, is one of my chorus directors in Indy. Anyway, I just wanted to let you and Mike know that Molly has passed on to her "prayer warriors" the news about Mike. Please know that I have given Mike's name to my "prayer warriors" as well. We will continue to keep you and Mike and your family in our daily prayers...hoping and praying for the outcome that our gracious Lord has in store for Mike.

    Robbie Cooper

  6. Mike and Nancy,

    This morning in my regular Friday Institute class at Westminster College we talked about President Eyring's April 2009 conference address on "Adversity." I felt inspired to share some of your "blog thoughts" (thank goodness for broadband in my classroom) with my students to illustrate how faithful Latter-day Saints deal with the challenges that come into our lives. Your sensitive and inspiring thoughts made a real impact on the students in the class. They could see first hand how the teachings of President Eyring were "playing out" in a real-life situation, and how a strong testimony and commitment to the gospel is so important in our lives. While we may at times be "chosen in the furnace of affliction," nevertheless we know that the Lord will always give us "beauty for ashes." Isaiah so testifies of this, and so do I.