Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Spirit tells me that I can

Tonight I am thinking of one of our children's songs from church...

I know my Father lives
and loves me too.
The Spirit whispers this to me
and tells me it is true,
and tells me it is true.

He sent me here to earth.
By faith to live His plan,
The Spirit whispers this to me
and tells me that I can,
and tells me that I can.

Today seemed like an exceptionally long day. Hannah left, Tyler turned 30 with lemon bars at our house tonight, Mike's mom and brother got home and we visited with them, and we had some great visits with some dear friends. We so appreciated Joe and Eleanor Scherrer walking over as well as Jim Gooden stopping by. Mike had a great talk with Jim and I think he needed to do that to feel at ease with some work issues.

Sometimes I feel like I am living in a daze with all that has happened in the last 2 weeks. But, I am strong and I am ready to fight. We are scared but are trying to exchange fear with faith.

I know in our pre earth life we told our Father in Heaven that we would accept this challenge in our lives. We will do it. He knew we would need help... You are our angels who are helping. We are so humbled by it all. We love you.


  1. I love you guys so so so much! I don't stop praying.

    Baby A

  2. I could not figure out again how to change to my name, but this is Mike...

    I want each of you to know that we love and appreciate your concern, service, and prayers. We face some uncertain times ahead, but we cannot fail with your faith and God's blessings.

  3. Thinking of you both and your children often. Your entries are inspiring - thank you for including all of us in your journey.

    Hope Mike slept well last night along with you, Nancy.

    Wish we could come visit.

    Sarah Paulsen

  4. Both of you are an inspiration! I am so glad that we have a way to check up on you and share in your journey. Hang in day at a prayer at a time. You CAN do this!

    Kimberlie Hall

  5. Mike,
    Hi from Jim Kratzat..I just heard about your problems this week....I guess life isn't too fair but I know you'll be fine. Sounds like you're doing the right stuff and have lots of support. You look good with the 'no-hair thing'...I've been that way a long time. I'll kepp a watch on this web site and will certainly be thinking about you..JIM

  6. Thought you might like this link to President Eyring’s conference address: