Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lots to do

The morning is going quickly. Mike and I both have lots of lose ends to tie up today. I am ticking things off my list and pray that Mike is doing the same. I was just thinking that not only does our family need an interest in your positive thoughts and prayers, but could you all think about Mike's business partner, Joe, who is no doubt a bit overwhelmed right now? I feel badly that I am only thinking of our family right now... I sure wish I could help Joe run the business for a time, but I think he will be better off with just Andy's help :)


  1. we will pray for Joe too.

    Nancy -- thanks so much for starting this blog. I am so glad to get updates.

    we are PRAYING SO HARD.

  2. Mike, Nancy, and family,

    May I suggest that President Uchtdorf's October 2008 General Conference address can be of great comfort. You can find it


  3. Nancy, et al

    I am here to do anything that I can to help you (Joe too). Thankfully, the waiting time is limited.

    Muggs joins me with our love and prayers, Jim

  4. Nancy,
    We will keep everyone being touched by this new challenge in our thoughts and prayers. You are very gracious as you worry about others around you. Please let all of us worry about them and you worry about Mike and the journey you are about to begin together. Hugs and Love to all of you.

  5. Dear Mike & Nancy,

    We are praying for you! We wish you well.

    Love, Mark and Linley Baker :)

  6. Everything good thing we can send coming from Azalea Lane to Greenbriar Street - our prayers, good wishes, positive thoughts, and love!

    Charlotte & Dave

  7. Mike and Nancy:

    I was just informed of your status by Paula Kiser. You two are in my prayers as well as the firm. Jesus is the healer, and I will pray for a rapid and miraculous recovery!

    He is faithful!

    -Chris Batz

  8. We're so glad you started this blog as well. We're praying for you and pray you'll have comfort and strength to endure and for the miracles you need.

    - Ben and Amanda Goates

  9. Nancy,
    I have been getting updates through my sister (Terrors in Tiaras) and she shared your new blog address with me. I hope you don't mind.

    I just wanted to let you know that I am adding my prayers to those of your friends and family.


  10. Nancy & Mike,

    You know we've been there. As another poster said you are about to begin a journey together. . . one that will bring you so close.

    I also agree with the poster who mentioned how far they've come with treatments and medications. And speaking of that I found Lesley Langona to be a great source of information, comfort, and reassurance. I have her e-mail address and a number for her if you'd like either one.

    May the knowledge of all the prayers going up for you strengthen you both in the days and weeks ahead.

    Love and hugs,
    Carmen and Tony

  11. Mike and Nancy, John and I have just kept thinking and praying all day about the two of you. We've wondered what in the world we can do for you. We're touched with your faith and would do ANYTHING for you. We will add our fasting and prayers for the two of you and for the team of doctors. I'm so glad that your kids will be there for you. We talked about driving to be there but have decided to stay out of the way. God's speed. Love, Karen and John

  12. Nancy and Mike,
    My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. I wish Mike a speedy recovery.


  13. We will be on our knees tomorrow during the surgery, and pray for a speedy recovery as well.

    Dan and Kelsey

  14. Mike and Nancy
    You both have been a pillar of strength for so many of us, and continue to be each day with your wonderful example...
    Nancy, Thank you so much for doing this memo but is is typical for you to continue to think of others. You are truly an "Elect Lady"
    Our love and prayers are with you and your family.
    Jerry and Linda

  15. We have the easy part Mike. You take care of yourself and come back when you're able.