Monday, May 18, 2009

The unveiling....


  1. Hi Mike - Love your new head. Now you can know how it is for those of us who are hair challenged. Remember Pres. Dave Tree's famous hair comment: "The Lord created a few perfect heads. The rest he covered with hair!" We are delighted with your progress, but we really don't want to be called at 2:30 in the a.m. We hard working senior missionaries need our beauty rest:-) We continue to pray for your complete recovery as do so many others. Keep the faith!

    73. KC9JUO aka Elder (and Sister) Lyon

  2. Mike,

    You look 100 times better without hair than I did. So not fair! I don't know if your chemo will cause hair loss because some meds don't. I was hoping for the added bonus of not having to shave my legs, but nooooooooo. Sooooooooo not fair!!! You men have all the advantages--you look good bald and don't have to shave your legs.

    We continue our prayers for you and your family.

    Carmen Costello