Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Visiting Hours

I know that many of you would love to come and visit dad. We are still limiting visitors for now, but our good friends down the street, the Dales, came up with a solution to let all of you know when are good times to visit. They have made us a beautiful wreath to hang on the front porch. If the wreath is up we would love to see you. When we take it down, dad is resting and we would love for you to come back some other time. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and continued friendship.



  1. What an ingenious idea! I wish we lived close so we could come by when the wreath was up. We think about you guys often, though!

    Lindsay and Blake

  2. Reading back through this post it kinda sounds like when the Queen Mum is at Buckingham Palace the flag is up. Fitting considering my dad has always treated my mom like a queen (which makes him a king).

  3. Nancy, my patio is ALWAYS open even if I am not home the chairs are:), so I can help with Hannah's #1. Great to see you, Hannah, but not great for the reason. Mike, what an inspiration you are to other people also sick, but we should have expected nothing less.

  4. To my favorite Indianapolis Indiana mission 1st counselor, and the Ellis family: since we heard the news about Mike we have been thinking and praying for Mike every day! I have to confess that we were not very knowledgable about blogspots, but we have found that we are trainable, and it has been interesting venturing into new territory. The various blogs that we have read have been inspiring, and well written, Nancy. Perhaps some day we will come by and if we see the wreath out on the porch, we will stop in. You have all meant a great deal to us. I am not surprised at all about Mike trying to continue with his church responsibilities, as if nothing has happened, he is so dedicated. But it is good to have Hannah there as a reinforcement to slow him down. Thanks for taking the time to share your happenings with all of us - its like he belongs to us, like you might feel about the apostles when you see them on TV during General Conference time. They are so familiar to us and a part of us, and of course Mike is much more so. Joan, Jincy, Zach and I send our love and I wonder if I should send some rope to keep him tied down. The Hovermales

  5. The wreath idea is great! If we make it up there, we'll swing by to check out the signal. Keep hanging in there - one day at a time.
    Charlotte and Dave

  6. Great wreath idea--I love it! It reminded me of the Buckingham Palace, too. Funny. We'll be watching for the signal...