Thursday, May 28, 2009

A day without appointments...

Mike and I are having breakfast with some friends this morning. That sounds so normal to me! I am driving to Indy later with a friend. Mike is going to work a tiny bit, and then taking some power naps.

Last night we increased our walking to more than a mile. The organic food switch is working very well. We have found some things that Mike really likes. I haven't found a substitute Ding Dongs yet, but I am still looking :)

We are hoping for a great day... You do the same.


  1. Nancy,
    Enjoy each day as you are, building up yours and Mike's strength is the key. Glad you are getting away for some you time, you need to take care of you so you are strong as you enter the next phase of your journey. Think of you daily, if you ever need to talk you know where to find me...

  2. I have a receipe for whole grain Chocolate Chip Cookies that uses date sugar... as soon as I find date sugar I will attempt to find the ultimate ding dong replacement.

    I love you,

  3. To My Dear Friends,
    Glad to hear Mike is working and regaining his strength.
    What is more important to me is he has not lost his sense humor.

    Your Friend

  4. Today someone in the office showed me how to post a comment. I want to thank all of you for keeping us posted. You have done so very well in this journey, I know you will continue your upward climb. Your family and some of the other families in the ward are setting a majestic example for me and hopefully for my family. 4 people were missing from our family dinner this month. I am so sorry for the pain you have endured, so glad it's behind you.
    Love to You and Nancy, from a home teechee

  5. Just want you all to know that I look forward to these updates each day as I think often of Mike and the rest of the family.

    Warmest Regards,

    Ryan Van Fleet

  6. Hi Nancy and Mike,
    I thought I posted a comment earlier, but evidently I did it wrong. I only heard the news a week ago upon returning from Texas. Lou (my sweetheart) and I have kept both of you in our prayers each day and fasted for you this past Sunday. Life is sure full of challenges!!! Amy Purkey sent us the blog address so now we will keep up with your progress without having to try to find people in Muncie Stake that we still know and have phone numbers for. :-) Keep up the positive attitude. That helps ever so much with healing. and remember,
    "This day is the first day of the rest of my life.
    This day is a new day to begin Eternal Life.
    This day I'll renew sacred covenants I've made,
    With eternity in view, repenting when I've strayed.
    This day and each tomorrow I will live within Christ's way.
    This day and forever He will be my Guide and Stay.
    I will do my part, bring to Him my heart
    For this day Eternity begins and I will come unto Him."
    I would sing it for you, but I din't think I could sing loud enough for you to hear it in Muncie. :-)
    With much love,
    Beverly Merrill aka Rifleman

  7. I check this blog everyday to see how Mike is doing. In the midst of the challenges that he and his family are facing, he is always concerned for the well being of others. How great is that?

  8. Nancy and Mike, Hopefully this is a good day for both of you, even though it's muggy and kind of rainy. I tried to work real hard today and even ventured to Hartford City. The Marsh store there is small compared to those in Muncie, but I did find "raw sugar" and some other that is not quite as raw. I didn't find wheat germ but I'm sure it's in stores. If we all search for things this food thing can be conquered. Again, let folks help. Let me know about tomorrow which is your BIRTHDAY!! I do hope it can be a happy one. Shall I make Mike a big bowl of tapioca (Or Nancy a big bowl)? Keep hanging on to those healing scriptures. Again, Love and Prayers. J&B

  9. Today is Nancy's birthday and we do have some appointments, so your greetings may not be immediately received. we are planning to go to a movie this afternoon for a break as well.
    Thanks for your continued support and prayers. They are working big time! I believe it is now appropriate to express gratitude for a loving Heavenly Father and Savior who is the source of this great strength and healing.

    Happy Birthday to Nancy - we'll make it a good one!