Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shock value

Mike decided tonight that he was going to church tomorrow. I mean he REALLY had his mind made up. I mean, there was going to be no talking him out of it. I finally left the table and dear daughter Hannah had to get FIRM. She had to remind him of doctor's orders... His words..."We love to shock people, wouldn't they be shocked if I walked into church with this bonnet on my head???" I said, "I will do the shocking tomorrow... Maybe I will wear a red hat to church!" I don't know how Hannah finally convinced Mike... I walked the dog. He was sure he would be staying home tomorrow when I returned from the walk. Trust me, it will only be Hannah and I at church tomorrow and we may have on red hats. :)

For now the only shock value from the Ellis home will be the red hats and the late night or early morning phone calls some of you may get from Mike. We can't seem to get his cell phone away from him. Have a good laugh with him if he calls. There will be plenty of time to shock you in person, but for now, we want to be the only ones to see the bonnet.


  1. Hi Nancy,
    If it would help,you can give Mike my cell#
    I'm a good listener..:)
    Let's all wear red hats to church tomorrow..or bonnets.
    So glad to hear that Mike is home.
    Love You,
    Lori Ann

  2. I haven't ever been a great sleeper, but last night was great. I had to make some potty runs - must be my age, & needing water with my meds. by 4, howeveer, my night seems complee! I feel so good! There is not even a headache this morning. I just feel the need to get vertical, but Dr. Phookan said no Wii-fit for a while. My triner may be disappointed with my absense, but I think I just need to go tot the couch and read, pray think. Nancy and Hannah read the scriptures to me last night in bed before prayer and it was the best. We had a great message of 2 who wwere healed by the Savior and his apostles and His works were made manifest through it all. We pray that many will also be touched by the Lord's great healing power. Who would believe i could hae uch amazazing outcomes, just 2 days out of hving part of my head removed! Thanks for the hundredsand thousands of prayers, fasting, and positive thoughts. I feel like the lame man in Acts 3 or the blind son in John 9 who is ready to see or ready to pick up my ged and walk. With tears in my eyes and a heart so full, I write this - just be glad I'm not calling you right now! I am so filled and feel so well. zi ptsy you may find a reason to be more worshipful in Church today because of this week. A lengtly pray of thanksgiving would be appropriate. If the Lord blesses us any more today, I'm afaid our home will collapse. I sincerely love you all. I have wonderful caregivers and will try to obey thrm for a few more days, so I can be with you again sooner. Life is so wonderul and amazing! I want a picture of the RED hats at church today!

    Love, Deep Gratitude & Blessings from your eternal friend, Mike. I feel like our hearts willl always be knit together because of this. I pray this morning for my friend Jane Hughes whose tumor wasn't so well placed and accessible. Please send her some of your wonderul prayers and blessings.

    Love Mike

  3. Mike, Nancy, et all...
    You guys crack me up and bring a tear to my eye at the same time. You're an inspiration! I recently heard a good quote, "We are not given more than we can bear- is false. It should be - we are not given more than we can bear with the Lord's help."
    Love, K & B

  4. Dear Mike, Nancy and Hannah,
    I'm THRILLED to know you are home. I so appreciate each blog. Every one is an inspiration to me. I can just feel your faith and optimism through your words. We are praying for your whole family every day, and we're fasting today with you in mind. We love you all.

  5. Jim McDonald, KB9LEIMay 17, 2009 at 9:24 AM

    Gary and I spoke of you during the weekend at Dayton and hope you will want to accompany us next year the the Mecca of Amateur Radio.
    Tickled to hear you are home and seemingly getting along so well--so soon.
    We will miss you this afternoon at the club picnic, but will have you in our thoughts and I am going to put you on the prayer list--so a bunch of Presbyterians will be thinking of you about 11:30 this morning.
    You and Nancy know that if there is anything I can do personally or anything the club can do for you--a phone call or e-mail is all it takes to get things rolling.
    I know you have a great and strong church family, but don't forget the amateur community will fall in behind you as well.
    Rest my friend and we look forward to talking to you ASAP.