Monday, May 18, 2009

The unveiling....

The cap is off. The gauze is off. Mike's head is scrubbed. (Boy those doctors leave a mess.) He wanted his head to be smooth like Andrew Dale's... He has a little stubble. He looks great. I think it made him tired. Lots of cards today and again Mike is making lots of phone calls. This morning, since he didn't have his computer and he ALWAYS checks his bank accounts every morning, he called the bank to get balances, etc. We had another good laugh when we heard Mike telling the person on the other end that he needed to talk to a VP... The VP was in a meeting, but nicely came to the phone. Mike explained to him that "Nancy has to get her nails done today and I want to make sure she has enough money in her account to get that done." So... the nails are done and I had plenty of money to pay for it. I don't think Mike has EVER cared whether or not I get my nails done! We're grateful for another beautiful day.


  1. Wow, you look great! Are you sure you had brain surgery? I'm thinking that you look too well for either cancer or recent surgery! LOL!!! Also, how completely stylish this new look of your is!!!! This new "do" takes years off of you...or maybe it is all the rest you are getting...who knows?? Glad to see you are looking so well. Hang in there, they will let you start doing things soon enough.
    Take care & thanks for the update!
    Cindy Turner

  2. Hi Mike, Nancy and Ellis clan,
    Glad to hear everyone is staying in good spirits. Good friends, good cookies, a sense of humor and faith go a long way. You are all in my prayers and thoughts.
    My love to you all, Mary Farrell

  3. we need a picture of the nails too!

    Mike, you look fabulous. and I am NOT just saying that. I would never ever know that you JUST had brain surgery.

    also -- Mike -- would you mind checking our bank accounts every once in awhile? this girl would sure LOVE for her nails to be done.

    once again, loving these updates. our prayers for the Ellis family continue. we love you guys.

  4. You do look great Mike.....I honesty didn't know what to expect, but I am impressed! This has to be what you looked like when you were a little boy (your Mom will confirm when she gets home). I know you have to feel so much better without your monkey hat! Keep smiling....every day will be better! You are loved and admired by so many including YOUR family!


  5. Mike,
    I think about you often and have included you in my prayers and a group that meets at High Street on Tuesday mornings will put you on our prayer list. You do look good with that "hair doo". A new trend!!
    Tom Foote

  6. Dear Mike, Nancy and family;
    Mike - Your friendship and compassion mean so much to so many in this community; we're so thankful for the care you're receiving and your recovery.
    Nancy - Thank you for these meaningful updates on the blog. We care so deeply for Mike and his family. We're so grateful for the insight your updates provide.
    Family - I pray that you're blessed by the blessing of your father's life. Thank you for allowing us to share in the blessing he means to so many around him.

    With Love and Encouragement,
    Tom Kosar

  7. Mike, you look great! I'm so glad to "see" you for myself. As always, we are praying for you.


  8. We looked at your pic. Will says that he likes papi's new haircut.

  9. How encouraging it is to read this blog. Words cannot express how much the Spirit moves through a simple website. I have not worked with you directly, but always see you involved in the community. I am encouraged in so many different areas
    1. Faith – your faith that God will provide, that God will take care of this illness and that you seek His will not your own for this life. How amazing!
    2. Marriage – the blessing we have to be able to be in marriage with another on this earth. It is truly inspiring to see such an example of a God honoring, compassionate, gracious and mercy filled marriage that you and your wife share. A marriage is supposed to represent the ultimate marriage of Christ and his church and what a true joy it is to see an example of one so tangible and visible here on earth.
    3. Service – It truly takes someone who is passionate about serving to serve in the midst of struggling. I hope we all take note of your “pay it forward” attitude and find our own ways to continue to serve others
    4. Humility – One of the most challenging things for people who like to serve is to let others serve you. I can sense a struggle for this in how you wanted to go to church and encourage others, and in many other examples your family wrote about. But I do encourage you to allow others to serve you. This is a time for you to be served.
    God bless you Mike as you travel on this road of recovery. I thank you for being vulnerable and sharing this with others as I truly believe it will continue to be an encouragement and testament to what community and Christ’s love really looks like.

    Jaime Faulkner

  10. Ben and I have been laughing at all the comments. Mike, you head really does look great! I expected something horrible. I think you should keep the bald head for awhile, it suits you. We're so glad you're doing well and love checking in on you!

  11. Looking great! I especially like how happy you look. I'm taking that as a good sign. :)

  12. See Mike, you DO have a nice shaped head!!! Keep up the great attitude!

  13. You guys have the best attitude. Keep it up! We continue to pray for positive things.

    Dan and Kelsey

  14. Mike, I just figured out how to leave you a message. I'm not the most computer savvy:) Just want you to know we are thinking of you and praying for you, Nancy, and your whole family. I was talking to Kevin and remembering back 25 years ago when we were getting ready to go to the Washington DC Temple to be married and sealed, that we went to your house and you and Nancy talked to us and helped us prepare better for the experience. How blessed we are to know you both. Please know that there are a lot of people who are willing to help all of you in any way we can, and that includes doing things for you that you can't do right now. What I mean by that is that I know how much it means for you do help and bless others. You are so close to the spirit and listen to the promptings. If there is someone that you know needs help, but you can't go help them yourself, let one of us know and we will go do it for you. I think that would be a fun and very spiritual thing. Kind of like you get the inspiration and we will be you legs and hands to help. God bless you all and let us know how we can help. (I'm not always the best at listening and knowing who I can help, but if you tell me who and what, I will do it. How lazy am I?) Love you all-

  15. Your late night phone calls remind me of the steroid Decadron that was given me before each treatment...

    It is good to see you looking so well and even better to hear of your spiritual strength. Keep it up.


  16. Mike,
    You look fantastic! I knew you were a pretty amazing guy, but as we travel on this journey with you and Nancy it is quite apparent that your faith, ministering and love for others will certainly carry you onward. We will keep the prayers coming knowing they are being heard and answers.


  17. Good Evening Mike,
    No doubt you are in bed for the night, sleeping peacefully, we hope. We have always known that you have a GOOD head on your shoulders and now we know you have a GOOD LOOKING HEAD! You look great.We're glad you are sharing this most recent picture. Just this afternoon I remembered 2 verses of scripture that I kept in my mind and dwelt on them. They were sent to me by a friend on a simple post card at the time of my longest illness, about 25 years ago. Mark 11:23-24. Those verses meant so much to me and still do.I won't take up space with them and perhaps you even know them. We're using them now as we pray for you as well as other meaningful ones.
    Hang in there, Mike. We love you dearly as we do all of the family. Love and prayers. J. & B

  18. Mike,
    I want to know if you paid for Hannah to
    have her nails done also??? You know what
    goes great with a manicure..... a pedicure
    (and they last a lot longer too!
    You look fantastic!! We liked the bonnet,
    but we like seeing your head much better!
    Our very best wishes for continued love,
    prayers, and support - ours included!!

    We love you,
    Dan and Jana